Extension Cords for Atlantic Lighting

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Extension Cords for Atlantic Water Gardens Lighting

  • Extension Cords for Atlantic’s Warm White and Color Changing Lights
  • Includes Weatherproof Caps
  • 5 Year Warranty

Extension cords allow remote placement of lights where needed most in the landscape, waterscape and hardscape. Atlantic's extensions feature silicone gaskets and dielectric grease for secure waterproof connections.

Warm White extension cord can be stripped and spliced into existing low voltage systems.

Color Changing Extension Cords feature one-way keyed connections to eliminate misalignment and water intrusion.

View Color Changing Lighting Manual | View Warm White Lighting Manual



In response to contractor requests to modify lighting cord lengths, we have changed the light cords of our Warm White lighting fixtures, extensions  and accessories from round multi-wire cord to flat two-wire low voltage wiring cord. Any flat two-wire cord can be shortened as desired, following best splicing practices. NEVER CUT THE ROUND WIRES!!! The multistrand wire inside the round insulation is precisely matched to LED and driver output, and cannot be modified without damaging lights and voiding the warranty.