EZ-Bio Pre Filters

$27.00 - $46.00
  • Increases biological filtration
  • Helps improve pump performance
  • Prevents pump flow reduction due to premature clogging
  • Helps extend pump life
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Compatible with many pumps
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EZ-Bio Pump Pre-Filter

These biological EZ-Bio Pump Pre-Filters help improve your pumps performance by preventing damage to the pump and any reduced flow caused by clogs from debris. They help improve your pumps overall performance with its filtration capabilities and is both easy to install and clean. EZ-Bio’s have a rigid slotted pipe that has a 1.5-inch male thread on one end, and a 1.5-inch female thread on the other end. It is possible to connect multiple slotted pipes together to extend the length of the EZ Bio.

The EZ Bio 11 has a single gray core filter element. This gray core element is 4-inch diameter and 7.5-inch long. 

The EZ Bio 20 has two filter elements; an internal Gray core with a bigger Green outer core. The outer Green core element is 8-inch diameter and 7.5-inch long.