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  • Powerful Oxygen-based Cleaner
  • Cleans Rocks, Waterfalls, and Surfaces
  • Adds Oxygen
  • Reduces Maintenance
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OxyWash - Oxygen Based Cleaner For Ponds

OxyWash by Pond Basics is a powerful powder formula that brings safe, oxygen-based cleaning to large ponds, lakes, small koi ponds and water gardens. OxyWash will quickly and effectively clean rocks, waterfalls, statues, plant pots and other water/pond feature surfaces.

APPLICATION (1 oz scoop included)

Spot Treatment: Apply a light layer of powder to problem areas, such as rocks and waterfalls.
Light Treatment: Apply 3–4 oz. per 1000 gal. of pond water, every 2–4 weeks, or as needed.
Heavy Treatment: Apply 6–8 oz. per 1000 gal. of pond water, every 2–4 weeks, or as needed.
For waterfalls and streams: Turn the pump off and apply light layer of product. Wait 10–20 minutes before turning pump back on.

PLEASE NOTE: Avoid contact with plant leaves. Product may cause short term spikes in pH levels.

ATTENTION: Failure to use OxyWash as directed or a sudden changing in water conditions not consistent with product label may result in loss or injury to aquatic life. Avoid direct contact with fish. Pond Supplies of Ohio, Inc. is not responsible for any loss of aquatic life. Always make sure there is vigorous aeration using a waterfall, bubbler, fountain, air stone or spitter.