pH Decrease

$10.98 - $17.38
  • Safely lowers pond pH levels
  • Non-Phosphate based
  • Formulated in deionized water
  • Contains a slime coat ingredient for skin protection
    and stress relief in pond fish
  • Has a chelating agent to enhance water quality
  • Not harmful to fish or plants when used as directed
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Microbe-Lift pH Decrease

Microbe-Lift pH Decrease includes two pH decreasers for gentle effectiveness and 3 electrolytes to help maintain osmotic balance. It contains a slime coat ingredient for skin protection and stress reduction in pond fish. pH Decrease has a chelating agent to enhance water quality.


  • Test your pond water with a pH reading. If the pH is above 8.0, use Microbe-Lift pH Decrease. Remember the dawn/dusk factor and be sure to test the pH level at the same time each day (dawn=lowest pH, dusk=highest pH). Most ponds target a pH of 7.5.  
  • If you have fish in the pond, you will want to dilute this product in a bucket of pond water before adding into the pond. This will prevent direct contact with the product and fish swimming into a "hot spot". 
  • If your pond contains fish and or plants, do not dramatically lower the pH level, more than 0.5 of a pH unit, in 24 hours - as this may shock aquatic life and plants. 
  • Add 1 oz. per 600 gal. of pond water for every 0.1 pH unit decrease desired. Apply in several steps and measure pH levels before the next addition, repeating if/as necessary. 


  • Contains phosphoric acid.

Microbe-Lift pH Decrease Safety Data Sheet