TT-Series Pumps


• Compact Design               
• Energy Efficient
• Clog-resistant
• Hard Water Tolerant
• Optimal Low Head Application
• 20’ Power Cord
• 3 Year Warranty

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Tidal Wave Asynchronous Pump Series by Atlantic Water Gardens

The TT-Series is built to pump more water while using less energy and is able to fit into those smaller pump chambers. These pumps operate fully submersed and are tough enough to handle hard water with little maintenance. The TT-Series pumps are best used small settings with little elevation. Perfect for water gardens.

TECH TIP: The rotors of asynchronous TidalWave Pumps are water cooled, with a screen to keep grit out of the rotor chamber. Keeping the screen clean will prevent overheating and prolong the life of the pump.

TT-Series Product Manual


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