Water Trio Fountain

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The Water Trio is a great addition to any water feature or landscape design - learn more here at Water X Scapes.Water Trio Decorative Fountain by Oase Living Water

  • 3 varying fountains with lighting
  • Quick & Easy to install
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Pre-programmed effects
  • Can be connected to a timer
  • Floor plate protects against damage
  • Safe, energy-efficient 12V technology

Modern in scope and design, this linear water feature has three distinct fountains of varying jet heights (12-55 inches). LED lighting provides varying light intensities. Customized settings can be programmed by a user-friendly remote control (within 250 feet).

The Water Trio is easy to connect and ready to use. Fountains and lighting may be connected to a timer for greater convenience. Setup on a wide variety of substrates promises flexibility and guaranteed fit. Beautiful with the simplicity of crushed stone or the lushness of softer landscaping ensures a fit with any aesthetic.

The Water Trio offers a sleek look while maintaining a sense of relaxation and calm. The ideal diameter for the fountain basin is a minimum of 10 feet and can be created with EPDM pond liner. A substantial floor plate ensures durability. An eco-friendly and energy-efficient 12-volt technology minimizes environmental impact. The Water Trio includes 3 pumps/nozzles, external control unit, transformer and cables.

The Water Trio Fountain is for Pond-free Applications. This fountain is NOT a floating fountain and can NOT be installed in ponds or lakes.

INCLUDES: 3 Pumps & 3 Illuminated Nozzles, External Remote-Control Unit, Transformer and Cables

**PLEASE NOTE: We recommend you install the Water Trio in a 10’ x 10’ area for a proper splash allowance. Having simply a basin will be NOT big enough. (Basin sold separately.)

Did You Know?
Both the Trio and Quintet can be disassembled and unmounted from the floor plat to enter Creative Mode. Simply remove the cover and unscrew the pumps from the floor plate. The generous 26' cables allow each pump and nozzle assembly to be located remotely in any configuration you desire. Pumps may be set as deep as 8" below the surface of the water with included 4" extensions.

Oase Water Quintet Product Manual