Pond Filter Systems & Spillways

Having the proper pond filtration system in-place is very important for your pond’s ecosystem. Mechanical pond filters as well as biological pond filters and filter media help to keep your pond water clean and clear by removing debris and providing a home for the good bacteria to grow and thrive. This in-turn is beneficial for your pond fish and vegetation! See all our filter mats, filter foams, filter cubes and pond filter systems below.

Pond skimmers & skimmer systems filter your pond water and enable you to easily remove organic matter such as leaves, sticks, fish waste, etc. as well as any unwanted media that gets blown into your water supply. Pond skimmer boxes assist you in keeping your pond water clean & clear and can also house and protect your pond pumps for longer and more efficient pump life. Pond skimmer nets allow you to manually remove floating debris. Our floating pond skimmer by Oase is a very popular item. Take a look at all these handy items below!

Waterfall spillways create awesome focal points and add wonderful sound to any pond or water feature. There are many different-sized spillways available to create the waterfall of your dreams for unexpected beauty and tranquility in your pond or water garden. Hoffman’s stocks waterfall diffusers, spillway boxes and complete waterfall spillways as well as many other water garden supplies. See them all below!

Have questions on which ones to use? Contact us and we’ll help you out. Or visit us at our Uniontown showroom and we’ll walk you through the entire selection process with ease!