Interested in any of our Pond Services?

Bill Hoffman, or another ‘pond expert,’ will come discuss and evaluate your needs for a fee of $150.00.
If additional services are provided by Hoffman’s Water X Scapes, then you will receive a credit $75.00.

Pond Services:

  • Pond Design, Planning, Troubleshooting & Construction
  • Spring Pond Opening
  • Pond-Clean-out
  • Pond & Lake Maintenance
  • Pond Closing (Winterization)
  • Winterizing your Water Feature
  • Winterizing your Fountain 
Reasons to Have Bill Out:

  • Estimate to install a pond or water feature
  • Green water, hair algae issues
  • Refurbish a pond or water feature
  • Spring start up, summer maintenance or fall shut down
  • Pond cleaning
  • DIY project
  • Any other landscape project you want to discuss

For more information call us at 330-896-9811 or email with any questions!


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