Pond Dyes are Safe for Fish, Wildlife and Swimming

Pond Dyes are Safe for Fish, Wildlife and Swimming

POND DYES - for lakes & large earthen bottom ponds

Using pond dyes for lakes is like putting sunglasses on your water’s surface. The dyes will protect your body of water from the UV rays of the sun that activate and promote the growth of submerged aquatic weeds and nuisance plant life. Pond dyes, by no means, are an aquatic herbicide, and will not kill plants already present in the pond. They are basically a type of concentrated, food grade colorant, which is what makes them harmless to fish and wildlife once diluted.

Dyes can be used year-round as a tool for part of your overall pond maintenance. Be mindful that for optimal pond health and water quality, there should be a balance of dissolved oxygen (aeration), plants, and other organisms (good bacteria and enzymes). Excessive nutrient load, invasive species, and excessive weed growth should be addressed separately for proper treatment and best control.

You can find pond dyes for lakes generally in three different colors: Natural Blue (for a “blue lagoon” look), Reflection (black, creates a mirrored effect), and Midnight (black and blue mix for the appearance of deeper waters).

*Pond Basic Pond Dyes are safe for fish, pets, wildlife, plants, and swimming once they are fully dispersed. Handle with care prior to dilution to prevent staining.

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