Focal Pieces for Your Water Feature

Focal Pieces for Your Water Feature

Ideas are limitless when it comes to building a garden fountain. Check out these examples for adding originality to your flower beds, patio or yard.


From a clay pot to a ceramic urn, there are countless ways to tilt, stack, spill and stagger for a variety of fountain ideas.

Fountain Basin installed in the ground for your pondless water feature.

Smaller water features like these do not necessarily need a large catch basin to contain water for circulation. 

Pre-fabricated fountain basins make installing a garden fountain, with low flow and little splash, easy to install.


Want a look that’s closer to nature? Rocks and boulders can be drilled to add plumbing for water bubbling right out of the stone. Group together in odd numbers and different heights for dimension and dramatic effect. A waterfall may even be added, using this pond-less technique.

Larger basin created from liner, eco-blox and a pump vault.

Larger fountains and pond-less water features require more surface area that can catch and contain water as it splashes. A reservoir system with liner, Eco-blox, and a pump vault will allow you to make your basin as large as you need it to be.

We recommend 1’ of space from the focal piece to the edge of the liner for every 1’ your feature is tall, plus the width, for proper splash allowance, depending on the desired water flow effect chosen for the feature. For example, if your feature is 2’ tall and 1’ wide, you will need a 5’ wide basin. The higher the water shoots up; the more splash is created. If you increase the size of the hole in the piece, you will get more water volume with less splash and more sound.


Self-contained, pre-cast statuary fountains (usually made from cast stone or concrete) are easy to set up with very little extra work. Just add water! The basin is already built in. 

Statuary fountains; self-contained fountains; outdoor fountain; yard fountains; concrete fountains

**Be sure to install garden fountains on a level, compact surface to reduce settling.

Re-purposed Material:

Garden fountains do not have to be limited to stone, concrete and ceramic. Get creative with old bottles, wheelbarrows, bathtubs, whiskey barrels, and more for adding your unique and personal touch to your home. We have the basin of choice, pumps, and hose you will need to bring it all together.

Re-purposed material turned into water features; DIY water features
*Photos and ideas for the re purposed fountains taken from Pinterest.

As always, you can count on Hoffman’s Water X Scapes to have both water feature focal pieces and water feature supplies that you need for your garden fountain project. Have an idea but need help perfecting it, or want someone else to install it? Check out our Pond Services and have the experts at Water X Scapes turn your dream into a reality!

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