Natural Blue Concentrated Lake Dye (blue)

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Concentrated Lake Dyes by Pond Basics

  • All 3 pond dye colors provide the same benefits
  • Will not stain fish, rocks, plants or birds once dispersed
  • Pond Dyes shade your pond to help reduce submerged plant growth
  • Non-toxic Formula: Safe for fish, plants, birds and swimming, when diluted
  • Use 32 fluid ounces per 3-6 acre-feet

Using pond dyes will beautify your pond while providing a natural shading effect to your water - which helps maintain water quality and reduce submerged plant growth.

Pond Basics Lake Dye is a concentrated formula; which means you get the benefits of a typical 1 gallon in just 1 quart! All three pond dye colors provide the same benefits - while remaining safe for wildlife, pets and swimming

Available in 3 Pond Dye Colors:

1.) Natural Blue (Blue Pond Dye)  |  2.) Midnight (Mix of Blue/Black Pond Dye)  |  3.) Reflection (Black Pond Dye)

Natural Blue Lake Dye | Pond Dye Midnight Lake Dye (Blue and Black Mix of Pond Dye) Reflection Lake Dye (Black Pond Dye)

*PLEASE NOTE: All Concentrated Lake Dyes come in a 32 oz. (1 qt) bottle.


Use 32 fl. oz. per 3-6 acre-feet of pond water; every 4 weeks or as needed. Apply around pond or near fountain or aerator.

*Best results when used in conjunction with Pond Basics Lake Bacteria & Enzymes along with an aeration system when trying to combat algae problems.

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