Eco-Series Waterfall Diffuser

$103.49 - $134.99

• Creates professional looking waterfalls
• Low profile makes it easy to hide
• Features dual 2″ inlets
• Available in 2 widths: 16” & 23”

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Eco-Series Universal Waterfall Diffusers by Easy Pro Pond Products

The Eco-Series Waterfall Diffuser is a fast and easy way to create professional looking waterfalls. Its low profile makes it easy to hide and its design makes it strong enough to place large stone on top of it for an easy disguise.

Waterfall Diffusers are ideal for use at beginning of streams and can even be used in block walls, pools and formal fountains. It features a very strong vertical rib design creating a nearly indestructible diffuser.

**The 23″ wide waterfall diffuser can be used in multiples for wider applications.

Easy Pro Pond Products Waterfall Diffuser Instruction Manual