Waterfall Pumps

$187.99 - $545.99
  • Energy efficient motor
  • Ideal for waterfalls or streams
  • Smaller power cord plug size allows for pumps to be placed discretely
  • Pumps pond water and coarse debris particles, up to ¼ in. into a filter
  • Special hose adapter for different hose sizes (only 6600-8000)
  • Inline capability (only 6600-8000)
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Waterfall Pumps

OASE Waterfall Pumps create exquisite waterfalls that offer tranquility and adornment to any waterscape. Whether you prefer the water-flow to provide a visual effect that embodies a “sheet”, “trickle” or “Niagara” style, this waterfall pump collection delivers.

Suited for either waterfalls or streams, Oase pumps are energy efficient and are equipped with grounding plates to provide state of the art protection against escaping electrical currents.

Waterfall pumps are designed to handle coarse debris (up to ¼ inch) and to continuously clean shafts and bearings. Its compact design allows for discreet placement, either within a skimmer box or camouflaged within the pond. The pumps’ back-spitting feature allows for self-cooling (1250, 2300, 3600 and 5000 models only) and its robust design lends itself to maximum durability. Maintenance was factored into design, allowing access to all moving parts without the need for tools. Your OASE pump will serve as the foundation for a magnificent waterfall feature that enhances your exterior design.

INCLUDED: Waterfall Pump 1250, Waterfall Pump 2300, Waterfall Pump 3600 – 2 adapters (1”, 1-1/2”) | Waterfall Pump 5000, Waterfall Pump 6600, Waterfall Pump 8000 – 2 adapters (1-1/2”, 2”)

OASE Waterfall Pumps are reliable, energy efficient pumps that excel in hard water conditions.

Synchronous magnetic pumps are specifically designed to create falls in Water Garden and Pond-free applications