Floating Fountain with Lights - 1/2HP

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1/2 HP Floating Fountain with Lights by Oase Living Water

  • Shallow operating depth
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Ready to connect complete set
  • Compact, reliable & energy efficient
  • 75 ft. power cord wrapped in a nylon tangle-proof jacket
  • Dimensions: 22.8”L x 22.8”W x 16.73”H
  • 2-year warranty (+ 1 with online registration)

The ½ HP Floating Fountain with Lights is a compact, energy efficient floating water feature built to be an enduring focal point at special events. It is capable of creating a variety of stunning water displays of up to 14 ft. in height and 28 ft. in width.

This eco-friendly unit can be quickly and easily installed in ponds or lakes with a minimum depth of 2.5 ft. The 3 LED spotlights wonderfully illuminate the various water patterns. The grounding plate provides unparalleled protection against electrical hazards in your fountain or pond. Features a kink-free 75 ft. power cord wrapped in a nylon tangle-proof jacket and includes 3 fountain head attachments, each with a unique and stunning water effect (trumpet, single-tier, three-tier).

What’s in the Box: Pump, Float body, Mooring lines, Lights, Trumpet nozzle, Single-tier nozzle, Three-tier nozzle

Floating Fountain Nozzle Spray Patterns (included)

Oase .5 HP floating fountain specifications