PondJet Floating Fountain Light Set


We're sorry, this item is currently unavailable or only purchasable in-store.


This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

PondJet Light Set by Oase Living Water

  • Warm white lighting
  • LED & Halogen Spotlights
  • Works exclusively with PondJet Floating Fountain
  • Eco-friendly, easy to use
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Low energy consumption 
  • Light Set consists of: 3 LunAqua 10 spotlights, 3 stainless steel holders, 1 Underwater Transformer and a 66 ft. power cable
  • 2 Year Warranty

Allow your space to take center stage! With a flick of a switch, and some strategically placed fountain lights, roll back the night and show off your hard work. Enjoy your fountain both day and night with lighting. Try the illumination set for your PondJet when you want to shed light on a setting and create a distinctive mood. It's easy to use, requires minimal maintenance, and is eco-friendly.

The PondJet Light Set includes 3 LunAqua 10 spotlights, 3 stainless steel holders, 1 underwater transformer and a 66 foot cable with holder. 

OASE PondJet Illumination Set features 3 powerful 50 watt halogen bulbs with a 24 degree beam angle for optimal spotlighting