Reflection Concentrated Lake Dye

  • Dye is dark/black increasing reflectivity of the water.
  • Does not stain fish, rocks, plants, or birds once dispersed.
  • Shades your pond or lake water to reduce algae and submerged plant growth
  • Non-toxic Formula: Safe for fish, plants, birds and swimming, when diluted.
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Reflection Concentrated Lake Dye

Pond Basics Reflection Concentrated Lake Dye is a concentrated formula used to beautify your lake or pond while providing natural shading effects to your water; reducing algae and plant growth.



Use 32 fl. oz. per 3-6 acre-feet of pond water; every 4 weeks or as needed. Apply around pond or near fountain or aerator.
* Best results when used in conjunction with Pond Basics Lake Bacteria & Enzymes along with an aeration system when trying to combat algae problems.


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