OxyTex Air Diffuser


• All in one Aerator & Filter Medium
• Decorative Design
• For ponds up to 38 sq. ft.
• 20 ft. of tubing
• 2 Year Warranty

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OxyTex Air Diffuser by Oase Living Water

The OxyTex Air Diffuser is a pond aerator and filter medium—all in one. In combination with the AquaOxy Air Pump, it injects air for optimized gas exchange and works to ensure that your koi and fish stock remain healthy and thriving. A unique combination of oxygen supply, water circulation and nutrient decomposition, OxyTex is a perfect supplement for any OASE filter.

It’s made of a patented grass-like fiber structure and provides a habitat for beneficial bacteria that improves filtration efficiency and contributes to a healthier pond environment. It requires a minimum of 18 inches installation depth. With cleaner and better-quality water, the OxyTex will provide a richer and more luxurious water feature and maintains a healthy eco-system for ponds up to 5,000 gallons. The OxyTex Air Diffuser provides a habitat for beneficial microorganisms that improve filter efficiency—up to 25 percent. The OxyTex provides a natural aesthetic to your pond floor while improving the health of your fish.

*Air Pump sold separately..

DID YOU KNOW: The bacteria that decompose fish waste, primarily ammonia and nitrites, require copious amounts of oxygen to perform efficiently. The OxyTex optimizes bacterial decomposition by maximizing the amount of oxygen available to the aerobic bacteria that the pond depends on for good water quality. The grass-like filaments also provide 38 square feet of biological filter surface to vastly increase beneficial bacterial activity.

Oase OxyTex Product Manual 

OASE OxyTex combines a high efficiency pond diffuser with high surface area filter medium