Pond Cleaning Service

Pond cleaning services available at hoffman's water x scapes in uniontown ohio.

Do you have a pond that needs a good cleaning? Does your pond have algae or mucky, dirty, green water? Hoffman's Water X Scapes has the crew, pond knowledge, and the right pond cleaning equipment needed to get your pond clean and ready to go for the year. 

Our Pond Cleaning Service is as Follows:

1. We begin cleaning your pond by emptying the pond water into containers.  

a. We then test your water. If the quality of pond water is good, it will be put back into your pond after the cleaning is complete.

**We do this to maintain the good bacteria so that we can preserve your ponds eco-system best we can - as well as saving your water bill.

2. If your have fish; after part of the water is removed, fish will be caught and placed into containers with covers and aeration (if needed).

3. After most of the pond water is removed, aquatic plants may be removed and set aside while the pond is cleaned using a heavy-duty Pond Vac.  We will move stone around to loosen debris and muck and then flush with additional water. 

a. We do not recommend power washing the inside of your pond. This kills most of the good bacteria that takes years to develop. In fact, you may experience more hair algae following power washing. If you wish to have your pond power washed please let us know. 

4. All filters will be cleaned and re-assembled using your filter media.  

a. If new pads or filter media is needed, let us know and we can provide replacements.

5. After all of the pond cleaning is done, aquatic plants will be put back, and we will begin adding water back into your pond.  

a. If you would like us to repot or divide your water lilies, lotus, or any other aquatic plants, please let us know. 

6. Water treatments/additives, such as de-chlorinators, water conditioners, and beneficial bacteria will be added to pond water.

7. Water is tested and then your fish are re-acclimated and put back into your pond.

8. Pump(s) are installed and turned on. [If this is a late fall cleaning pumps are winterized for storage by customer or by Hoffman’s.] 

9. The edges of your water feature are checked for possible leaks or liner that has been pushed down. 

10. Customer may need to finish filling pond to the correct water level after we leave.

Like all of our pond services - we will do as much or as little as you request. The specifications of the job will be discussed with you before any pond work is started. We can bring any extra pond supplies or pond plants, upon request.

before and after a pond cleaning
before and after a pond clean out
hoffman's water x scapes pond cleaning services

Have any questions? Call for more information or to schedule your appointment today, 330-896-9811.