Pond & Lake Maintenance Services

Pond maintenance services available at Hoffman's Water X Scapes

There is routine maintenance that should be done to keep your eco-system balanced for clean, clear pond water. Hoffman’s Water X Scapes can maintain your water feature, pond, or lake as often as necessary. We have standard services or we can design a custom maintenance program to fit your needs. Pricing varies upon location, services requested, size of lake, pond, or water feature and the frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).

Our Standard Pond Maintenance Services Include, but are Not Limited to:

Maintenance of Ponds are typically every 2 weeks. Pond maintenance once per week, monthly, or per customers request is available.

1. We test and inspect pond water – algae, ammonia, pH, salt, alkalinity, temperature, nitrites and nitrates. Inspection for any fish issues, aquatic plant issues, and any other problems is performed. 

2. Treat the following accordingly if needed: 

a. Ammonia Neutralizer* or Water Conditioner* (if ammonia is high or adding water)

b. Remove excess string or hair algae (if present)

c. Treat pond for string or hair algae* (when needed)

d. Salt* (if there are fish, maintaining a salt level between 0.08 and 0.1% is ideal)

e. Pond Starter Dry Bacteria* 

f. Sludge & Muck B-Gone* or Fall & Spring Pond Treatment* 

g. Treat for any other issues.

3. Clean mechanical filter(s) and inspect biological filter(s).

4. Check pump(s) and clean if needed.

5. Check water level and fill if needed. If more water is needed than time allows, water conditioner* will be added and you will be advised to add additional water. [if you would like us to stay to finish adding water, there may be an additional fee.]

6. At the beginning of the season, aquatic plants will be evaluated. Dividing, re-potting, and additional care may be needed at start-up. Additional aquatic plants may be needed for filtration purposes, such as water hyacinths, water lettuce, hornwort, and bog plants. Some plants may be added at start-up and the rest during maintenance as the temperature gets warmer. Tropical plants will be added near the end of May and removed in the fall and stored at our facility for winter. Plant installation is an additional cost - except if noted on your Estimate or Contract.

7. Marginal pond plants will be inspected and cleaned at each visit. Water lilies and lotus will be fertilized* monthly, or more often if needed.  

8. If your pond does not have an aerator, it is highly recommended that we add one - especially if you have koi and other pond fish.

9. We will net pond in the Fall, during maintenance, to keep leaves and debris out of your pond water. Netting is available for purchase if you do not have one.

*Materials, tests, and water treatments listed are included in the cost of maintenance on all ponds that are less than 1,500 gallons of water.

Fall shut downs and Spring start-ups are handled with a separate Contract and Invoicing.  

Billing will be every 4 to 8 weeks.

Lake and Earthen Bottom Pond maintenance services available at Hoffman's Water X Scapes

Our Standard Lake & Earthen Bottom Pond Maintenance Services Include, but are Not Limited to:

Maintenance of earthen bottom ponds and lakes are typically once a year or once a month. Pond maintenance more frequently is available upon request.

1. Treat the following accordingly if needed:

a. Beneficial Bacteria: Pond Basics Lake Balance Bacteria or Balancing Act (water soluble packets or liquid formula)

b. Water Clarifier: CareFree Enzymes Lake Protector

c. Pond Basics Muck Eraser Pellets (recommended for swimming areas)

d. Pond Dye: Midnight (blue/black mix), Reflection (black), and Natural Blue (blue) – available upon request.

e. Treat for any other issues

f. Removal of weeds, algae, etc. Spraying for aquatic weeds, like duck weed, is available *

2. Check that pond aeration systems and/or floating fountains are working properly.

** If you do not have aeration in place for your pond we HIGHLY recommend having a pond aeration system installed. Learn more about why here.

* To help control the spread of aquatic weeds, we recommend treating on a monthly basis - or more often if requested. 

The length of time it takes to treat your pond depends on the aquatic weed growth rate and how far it has spread over the surface of your pond. A two-man team may be better initially. After getting it under control, one man should be adequate.

* Fall shut downs and Spring start-ups are handled with a separate Contract and Invoicing.  

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