Pond Treatments for the Automatic Dosing System

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Pond Treatments for the Automatic Dosing System

Maintain for Ponds
Made from a combination of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and phosphate binder to help keep your water clear for a low maintenance pond.

Clean for Ponds
Helps reduce organic waste caused by your fish, uneaten fish food, leaves and any debris that falls into your pond. 'Clean for Ponds' helps keep your pond free from the organic debris helping to keep clean, clear water. It contains a powerful combination of sludge eating bacteria and enzymes.

Clear for Ponds
Helps control your water quality without harming your fish or plants. 'Clear for Ponds' is added to the pond slowly and consistently reducing those issues caused when shock treating the pond with other treatments.

Protect for Ponds
Made from natural plant extracts, chosen for their natural healing properties, that will reduce fish stress, prevent parasites and bacterial infections in your fish.