Fall & Spring Pond Treatment

PB-F/S Pond Treatment
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**Best used with a Beneficial Bacteria.

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Fall & Spring Pond Treatment by Pond Basics

  • Helps break down pond debris
  • Non-toxic, will not harm aquatic life
  • Use March, April, October & November

Fall & Spring Pond Treatment breaks down debris and other organic materials in your pond helping to maintain a healthy environment for fish and other pond life. Great for breaking down leaves and other debris that blow into your pond during the fall. Fall & Spring Pond Treatment is a proprietary blend of cold water bacteria cultures that are non-toxic and non-pathogenic that is safe for fish, plants, pets and wildlife when used as directed. If used properly, Fall & Spring Pond Treatment should reduce pond maintenance during spring start-ups.

Use in March, April, October & November.
Mix with pond water and disperse around pond. Apply monthly, along with Pond Basics Pond Starter Dry Bacteria, during Spring and Fall months.
For best results: Use with Pond Basics Bacteria.

PLEASE NOTE: See chart for recommended application rates. Non-toxic: Will not harm aquatic life.