Microbial Algae Clean

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  • Controls green water pond algae
  • Promotes a cleaner pond environment
  • Helps establish and maintain the biological filter
  • Safe for ponds with live plants and fish
  • The first bacterial algaecide registered with the EPA
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Microbial Algae Clean

API Pond Microbial Algae Clean is a pond algae treatment and offers an alternative approach to control algae and reduce pond maintenance.  Microbial Algae Clean breaks down dead algae, muck/sludge, and improves oxygen levels in your pond without harming fish or aquatic plants.

Instructions & Dosage

Add one teaspoon (4.92ml or ~5ml) for each 50 US Gallons OR 0.25 cup (~60ml) for each 600 US Gallons twice a week for the first two weeks; resume adding once a week to maintain control of green water (Chlorella).

  • 16 oz. bottle treats 4,800 gallons of water
  • 64 oz. bottle treats 19,200 gallons of water
  • 1 gallon bottle treats 38,400 gallons of water

Safety Information

API Microbial Algae Clean Safety Data Sheet PDF