Fish Feeder Rings

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  • Helps prevent fish food waste by keeping it in one area.
  • Brings fish to one area of pond when feeding, keeping them out of the skimmer.
  • Can be used to keep floating plants in one place.
  • Some assembly required*
  • Available in: 17”, 21”, 25” & 36" Diameter
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Round Fish Feeder Rings for Ponds

A feeder ring is a light-weight tube formed into a circle that floats on the surface of the pond. Its main purpose is to hold floating fish food in one place, inside the ring, for pond fish to eat. This will encourage your fish to come up to the surface to eat, making feeding time easy and enjoyable.

Round Feeder Rings are great for preventing fish food waste, keeping the food in one general area. This makes it easier to remove excess food. Excess fish food left in your pond water will decay and feed algae, causing water quality issues in the long run.

These floating fish feeder rings can also be used for floating pond plants, like Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce, to keep them in one place. When the plants reproduce the feeder rings will keep them in one place. Multiple floating rings can be used to create ‘little islands’ around your pond helping to naturally filter your pond water while keeping plants together and manageable.


*Some Assembly Required: Upon arrival your feeder ring will be half assembled. There will be a fitting on one end of the tubing and you will need to connect the other end of tubing in to the other end of the fitting. This can be easily done by inserting the tubing into the fitting piece. Now you are ready to use your new floating feeder ring! Note - Once feeder rings are assembled they will not come apart.


String or fishing line can be used to stake down floating fish feeder rings in your pond. This will keep the ring(s) in one place and make it so that it does not get pulled into the skimmer.