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Creating your Own Container Garden or Patio Pond

You do not need a huge pond dug into the ground to have yourself a water garden. Container Ponds, or Patio Ponds, have become very popular lately. Steps in Creating your Very Own Container Garden/Patio Pond: 1.) Find the Right Container&n…
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Keeping Unwanted Critters out of your Pond

One problem pond owners sometimes run into are when predators come in and get to our beloved fish. This can be both annoying and heartbreaking. Below are a few tips by using decoys, netting, plants and shelters to keep those predators out and your…
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​Eye Catching and Unique Plants for your Pond

There are many different types of plants that can be added to your pond and they all serve a purpose. Whether it is to help build your eco-system, managing algae, protection for your fish or simply for aesthetic reasons.A common trend we have been…
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